The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines

2012 | Derek Cianfrance

A tale of four destinies that crosses ways unfolds as stunt motorcycle rider starts robbing banks to support his family.

Average rating   7 out of 10

(4.43) Public Enemies | (3.66) Ordinary Decent Criminal | (2.71) Law Abiding Citizen | (2.44) O Brother, Where Art Thou? | (2.44) Triple 9

Peter Buchardt     2013-05-20 7 out of 10

Fracture, Lars and the Real Girl and Drive really got me into Ryan Gosling. I enjoy his temper and character a lot.

This movie features a abnormal narative structure, which also is the reason I've added Crash and Traffic as similiar movies, even though this one if is different from those two yet.

The movie seems to consist of three seperate parts, which could be considered the classic begining, middle and end. And the movie can make you feel a little at loss, since each part does not have the classic structure of start, middele and end. So you'll have to work a litlle with this concept and accpet it. I wish I knew this quirky part about it.

Defineately worth seeing. I'll stop before I start spoiling anything.

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