Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds

2008 | Gabriele Muccino

An aerospace engineer with a fateful secret embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2012-09-09 7 out of 10

A very touching movie!
At first you are a bit baffled about the plot. Then you think you have an idea of what it going on, but you really do not. When you finally realise what is going to happen, it is too late and you just want to god back to not knowing. This is really brilliantly done and very effective. I was quite touched, when I saw it.
Will Smith does a fantastic job playing his part. You really sense his depression and how he struggles to keep up a fa├žade, just to keep it going. Impressive.
This is not a light entertainment movie. It touches some heavy issues and has some hard turns that will get you choked up, unless you are made of stone.
Watch it with someone close to you, as it might be a bit too rough to watch alone.

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