2008 | Marc Schoelermann

No body is safe.

Average rating   4 out of 10

(2.08) Sweeney Todd | (2.08) Watchmen | (2.08) The Lovely Bones | (2.08) Se7en | (1.81) The Last Heist

Peter Buchardt     2008-09-30 4 out of 10

I added this movie and said it was similar to Se7en and 88 minutes, and yeah it has same brutality and darkness as Se7en but unfortunately the quality of 88 minutes, which I didn't like.

The whole idea with a protagonist who you, as a viewer, has absolutely no sympathy for, is very strange. I had the same feeling when watching Jumper.

Any way Milo Ventimiglia, from Heroes, does a good job in a bad movie. IMDB says that this is a Horror movie, but is not. It tries with blood spatter etc, but a horror movie needs to provide the right mood as well...

Bad guys can learn the following from thus movie:
"Don't join a gang of serial killers when going to med school"

4 of 10 from me, cause it didn't suprise, scarred or thrilled me at all...

- Peter

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