The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners Movie

2011 | Ben Palmer

Four socially troubled 18-year-olds from the south of England go on holiday to Malia.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2012-04-15 7 out of 10

Good fun light entertainment. I saw this with Peter Buchardt, and we had a few good laughs. (You owe me 50 Euros!)
Actually the movie reminded me of a few vacation trips I have been on. I always find it entertaining, when a movie reminds me of a real life situation I have been in.
The plot was simple, the acting was average, most of the comedy was lame, but some of it was quite good, and you kind of felt like being one of these poor youngsters again.
Watch it with friends and have a some good laughs.

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