Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday

1999 | Oliver Stone

"Any Given Sunday" is a semi-realistic visit behind the scenes of one of America's greatest sports. It follows the struggles of the players and those who lead them and those who own them.

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2012-02-08 8 out of 10

Oliver "Epic Movie" Stone has done a sports movie...
...which is also great!

I'd say the worst thing about the movie is that it got the production value and feel of an 1999 movie(just like The Untouchables look and feel like a movie from the late 80's) but it should have been possible to do it so that you could watch in whatever decade and still feel like it's still relevant...

Besides from that it's great to see an American sports movie, that doesn't tell the traditional story about a guy or a team fighting his or their way to the top against unbeatable odds... "Any Given" is gritty and dark, but of course not "based on a true story" so therefore might seem less believable. But in my eyes that's not what this movie is about. It's "just" a comment on the situation in American Football. The relationship between players, their coaches and the relationship between the coaches and the owners.

One cool thing I noticed about the movie was that there was modern popular music(rock, heavy, rap, electronic) playing all the time during the movie, and most of the action or half action sequences were edited almost in a different way with a touch of MTV in it. It works very well for tension and drama.

Wanna watch a different Sports movie... Do it Any Given Sunday =)

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