2011 | Nicolas Winding Refn

A Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a wheelman discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.

Average rating   8.5 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2019-08-11 8 out of 10

Gripping, exciting and beautiful movie!
Like most of Nicolas Winding Refn's movies, this one has some very nice shots that really sets Los Angeles out as a beautiful place. That is what he does best as a director and in this it is really amazing.

Ryan Gosling is perfect for the role. I always have a hard time with his soft spoken voice, but for this movie itit isis somehow fitting. Carey Mulligan is also perfect for the role of Irene. She really hits that calm and kind persona, that would drag an introvert like Ryan Gosling's character out of the bush. 

Aside from making beautiful scenes, Nicolas Winding Refn is also known for brutal and gory action sequences, and this movie has just a few well placed moments of that as well.

In general a very recommendable movie if you like a good mixture of drama and crime wrapped up in a beautiful package. It is not too long either.
Peter Buchardt     2011-10-08 9 out of 10

This movie will most definitely be on my "2011 Top 5 Movies"

The movie is beautiful, a real eye pleaser. The way LA is portraid makes the city iconic and mystic. Makes it a city you have to visit[real LA is not like that though]

Ryan Gosling is perfect for this introvert mysterious guy. The relationship between him and Irene(Carey Mulligan) might come of as too good to be true, but it's still perfect for the type of movie. You want them the best. But since this is a Winding Refn movie you know that's NOT going to be the case.

There's some insanely brutal and violent scenes in the movie, they are few but powerful. And mixed with the beautiful shots it stands as almost absurd and paradoxical.

Great movie that most def deserves the current 8.4 on IMDB. Glad to see Winding Refn have success in Hollywood.

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