2011 | Joe Wright

A 16-year-old who was raised by her assassin father is cut loose across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives.

Average rating   7 out of 10

(2.96) Kate | (2.96) John Wick | (2.96) Machete | (2.96) Leon | (2.96) John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Peter Buchardt     2011-09-05 7 out of 10

Good movie. I've seen movies which had the same wipe to them, but still this is a very original take to the "agent hunted by the agency"-movie. Leon is possibly the movie I've seen that resembled it the most.

Kate Blanchet does very well as the bad guy. There's especially a few shots where you see her eyes only, looking awfully mean! Nice cast. Her character in it self, did not feel that believable though.

There's quit a few situations where the movie plays with symbolism, but sadly only to a degree where it kind of interferes with the plot, and therefore the plot becomes a bit messy at times. This doesn't get any better when the use some of the action scenes as a pure filler. All the action could easily have fitted into the plot. But a few scenes are poured in just as a show off. These scenes saves them self being of pretty high quality though…

I think I figured out why Eric and Hanna splits up in the beginning, but that's not a very good reason, and it makes the whole thing less "realistic" and since it kind of tries to be that, it fails a bit.

Still if you like movies like Leon and Ronin then you'll fall for Hanna as well.

P.s. Bonus info: There's a great scene where Eric Bana sounds exactly like Arnold Swarzenegger =)
And one more thing: The settings of the different scenes has definitely been chosen with care. To a point where you sometimes think: Is this just going on here to look good!?

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