Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

1992 | Martin Brest

A prep school student needing money agrees to "babysit" a blind man, but the job is not at all what he anticipated.

Average rating   7.5 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2019-02-17 7 out of 10

Peter Buchardt     2011-09-05 8 out of 10

2.5 hours of epic growing up and getting to know yourself. By this I mean it's a movie about personal development and making the right decision.

There's a plot within a plot, and that works very well.

It might be a bit set in the time it was made.

Al Pachino really does a great job in this movie. He has some incredible lines and wholes passages, which must have made a bunch of cool quotes.

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