The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout

1991 | Tony Scott

The goal is to survive.

Average rating   8.5 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2008-10-20 8 out of 10

I might not be as a Bruce Willis fan as Buchardt, but this movie is still pretty good! I've seen it a couple of times now, and every times I find new cool lines to quote. "This is the 90'ies. You have to say something cool before you hit someone". "When you're done feeling sorry for yourself, the font door is that way". You have got to love this stuff, to like this movie, and do!
The plot is not strong, but it sticks, and the high pace of the whole movie really keeps you hanging on to your seat. Classic Bruce Willis with a lot of fighting, shooting and trash talking.
Peter Buchardt     2008-09-24 9 out of 10

Though this isn't Die Hard, it's pretty f*cking close. Bruce Willis once again plays a character who's carreer peaked a long time ago. we find him up against a cartel who wanna legalize gambling on American Football.
Well without spoiling I can say that you get to hear some very good one liners and also see Joe Hallenbeck[Willis] take on the villians by shooting, fighting, dancing[hehe] and giving a shit.
Damon Wayans plays a "retired" footbal player, who's dating Cory [Halle Berry] and when she's the victim of an assassination. Both the private detective Hallenbeck and Jimmy Dix [Wayans] get involved in sorting out old grudges. One thing the bad guys could learn of this movies is: "Don't mess with the good guys' family"

It's definately one of the best actions movies of the 90's. So if you, as I do, love Die Hard and Die Hard 2, please do yourself a favor and watch this Willis movie.

Nine out of ten from me[remember my fascination of Bruce Willis hehe]

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