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The Social Network

7 out of 10
Average rating 7 out of 10 based on 1 rating

The Social Network
Director: David Fincher
Main parts: Jesse Eisenberg
Andrew Garfield
Bryan Barter
Brenda Song
Dustin Fitzsimons
Patrick Mapel
Rashida Jones
Toby Meuli
Alecia Svensen
Jami Owen
James Dastoli
Robert Dastoli
Scotty Crowe
Jayk Gallagher
Rooney Mara
Production year: 2010
Genre: Drama
IMDB link: [LINK]
Based On A True Story | Competition | Facebook | IT Company | Napster | Social Network

Plot outlinie:
The story of how the social-networking website Facebook was founded.

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Movie reviews for The Social Network

2011-09-01  Peter Buchardt: 7 out of 10
The editing, humor and weirdness of this movie carried it all the way for me. If it has been just one ounce more realistic it wouldn't have been worth it, but it tiptoed through the entire movie with a main character that was a real ass and with archetype villains that was predictable but yet funny and a nice touch in the "storyline" where you follow a meeting where the main character is getting sued and at the same time there's "flashbacks" to when the situation escalated.

Any way, the movie is also quite interesting in the sense that it is based on a real story. I went through the Wikipedia article on Facebook afterwards, and most of the facts are the real deal, then I guess the interaction between the relevant parts has been tampered with a bit, to make it moreā€¦ movie-friendly.

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