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District 9

8 out of 10
Average rating 8 out of 10 based on 1 rating

District 9
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Main parts: Sharlto Copley
Jason Cope
Nathalie Boltt
Sylvaine Strike
Elizabeth Mkandawie
John Sumner
William Allen Young
Greg Melvill-Smith
Nick Blake
Morena Busa Sesatsa
Themba Nkosi
Mzwandile Nqoba
Barry Strydom
Jed Brophy
Louis Minnaar
Production year: 2009
Genre: Action
IMDB link: [LINK]
Alien | Escape | Ghetto | Government | MNU | Racist | Space Ship

Plot outlinie:
Aliens on Earth gone wrong. We try to "help" them but it fails. By accident a man working for the government get's motivated to help them to a better life.

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Movie reviews for District 9

2011-08-16  Peter Buchardt: 8 out of 10
Best take on the sci-fi genre in a long long time! Very refreshing that it had absolutely no connection to the US. I mean the f* is the chance of aliens showing up in Washington D.C. any way?

The plot, the effects, the acting and the editing is sublime. It's apparently not a high budget movie. But except from a cast not seen before one can't see the budget. Great production all over the line.

At one point takes a softish turn which i think would have been a bit better and more realistic if they had skipped.

All in all great movie. Like sci-fi? Like action? Like new ideas? Yes to any of those and you're in for a treat.

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