1985 | Lamberto Bava

Two girls decide to skip class and go to a movie theater for the premiere of a mysterious horror movie. It turns out the theater is infested with demons, and the cinema audience have to fight to survive.

Average rating   4 out of 10

(1.72) Hellraiser | (1.72) Evil Dead II | (1.72) Pumpkinhead | (1.5) I, Frankenstein | (1.42) Constantine

Jakob Schmid     2011-07-18 4 out of 10

'Demons' is more or less a standard zombie flick. The main characters are brought closer together by the fight for survival against the ever-growing demon-zombie horde. Yes, the zombies are demons. Whatever.

The screenplay for Demons is written by Dario Argento, probably most widely known as the writer of Sergio Leone's 1968 massive western classic 'Once Upon a Time in the West'. The story of Demons is nonsense, the characters are ridiculous stereotypes, and plot is almost nonexistant. The only interesting story element is a movie-in-a-movie sequence with some potential that is left completely unused by Argento.

The effects are bad 70's style gore, at times even laughably bad. However, what truly makes this movie ironically enjoyable, is the acting. The characters are ridiculous but the horrible performances of the actors, and their poorly overdubbed lines, really come together to form hilarity. My favourite character is Tony the Pimp, with dialogue such as:

Rosemarie: Ow, shit, I scratched myself!
Tony the Pimp: That will teach you to touch things.

Most of 'Demons' was pretty boring, but in the end it really picks up. The end sequence involves two of the main characters driving through the movie theater on an off-road motorbike, chopping demons to bits with a katana. Pretty awesome.

However, the soundtrack by Claudio Simonetti was the one thing that really got me excited. It is the most 80s soundtrack imaginable, its all synth bass, snare drums and orchestra hits. And in key action sequences, the soundtrack turns into some hard and fast metal. Specifically, Pretty Maids' MotÓrhead-ripoff 'Night Danger' (released in 1984 on the LP 'Red, Hot And Heavy') features prominently. Go Denmark.

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