2006 | Mel Gibson

An indian tribe is attacked by Mayans. The Mayans capture the tribes warriors for sacrifice to the gods.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2011-05-21 7 out of 10

I guess it's ok to let 5 years pass before I picked up this movie to see.

It's good and worth watching. The story is so so, since it doesn't change much in you, but is does leaves you thinking about the history of the take over of the Americas. They weren't the most nice people, but neither was the Spaniards who went there...

The movie is long, but doesn't feel so, which must be a good thing. You keep being amazed by nature scenes, violence scenes or great Mayan empire scenes, so it passes through as a GREAT movie... I mean the feel of a big movie.

I like the fact that Gibson kept from letting the indians talk english. I'm not sure what they speak, but it seems very convincing and gives a feel of historical correctness.

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