2010 | Susanne Bier

Two families broken in two different ways, crosses paths. Friendship, adulthood, role models and teenage rebellions becomes a dangerous cocktail.

Average rating   8 out of 10

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Peter Buchardt     2011-03-01 8 out of 10

A good Danish movie. Not trying to be anything else than a proper Danish drama.

The movie has quit a few child actors, and one could be afraid that these would fall through, like I was... But that only in a very very few occasions, and nothing that had huge impact on the movie in it self.

What worked best for this movie was the way it depicted the families and its members. Showing similarities and differences by having scene that kind of resembling each other back and forth.

Parts of the movie shows one of the main characters at his job as a doctor in Africa, and shows how his job gets to him and makes him act as he does. I'm not sure I'm crazy about this. Some times it seemed like and excuse to make a very Danish movie a bit more international, but I might just think that because I'm Danish and it's not been done much before.

It's a very good story and I think the best part is the parenting taking place. To see how the children has been and are being raised and affected by their parents, mainly their fathers.

In some situations I could wish for a bit slower pace. Some of the actions done by the main characters happens kind of sudden, and could have needed some depth.

Great Danish movie!

P.s. On another note, I can't stop thinking of how this movie is seen from let's say an American point of view. Cause I guess they can't see some of the "bad acting" and they might even miss the whole Danish/Swedish/African thing going on... I don't know. I might have to read an American review.

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