How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

2010 | Dean DeBlois
Chris Sanders

A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.

Average rating   8 out of 10

Adventure     Comedy     Family     Fantasy
(22.01) How to Train Your Dragon 2     (3.21) Frozen     (3.05) Toy Story 2     (3.05) Aladdin     (3.05) Toy Story
Animation     Dragon     Dragon Slayer     Hydra     Slayer     Training

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2010-12-15 8 out of 10
Nice little animation movie with a fun story and a few good laughs. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It is a funny mix of Dragon Heart, Eragon and Valhalla - with a classic love story, at fantastic dragon tale and a young underdog trying to make something of himself.

The stoic Vikings with strong Scottish accents are highly entertaining, and if the plot wasn't exciting (which is it though!), the dialogue alone would still have entertained me.

Sometimes I enjoy and animated movie, as it lets you abstract from the actors more easily.

Go watch this - it is fun!

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