Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek

2010 | Nicholas Stoller

A record company employee is hired to accompany addict British rock star to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater. Both learns from each other during their encounter.

Average rating   6 out of 10

Jonah Hill     Russell Brand     Rose Byrne     Tyler McKinney     Zoe Salmon     Lino Facioli     Lars Ulrich
(2.44) RocknRolla     (2.2) Forgetting Sarah Marshall     (1.81) The Royal Tenenbaums     (1.81) Bad Boys II     (1.81) The Hangover Part II
Drugs     Drunk     Rock Star     Unfaithful

Peter Buchardt     2010-09-26 6 out of 10

A OK movie, but nothing special. The idea of an american escorting a British rock star seems ok, but it gets a bit predictable in the way of stereo typing.

A guess one shouldn't expect much more of a Hollywood Comedy, but Jonah Hill has starred in some pretty good comedies lately, so was hoping for more of the same!

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