2010 | Scott Stewart

God is pissed off at humans and decide to send hordes of evil creatures to wipe out the human race, but an angel goes rouge and tries to save human kind by saving an unborn human savoir. This epic last stand takes place at a diner in the dessert.

Average rating   3 out of 10

(2.96) Constantine | (2.44) Knowing | (2.08) I, Frankenstein | (2.08) Gods of Egypt | (1.77) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Peter Buchardt     2010-04-11 3 out of 10

Damn this sucked ass! It had some potential. The whole Heaven/Hell/Earth conflict has been seen before and even with more success than this. Here I'm thinking of movies like Constantine, Devil Advocate and End of Days.
There's not much action in it, and the few sequences has some very silly effects that kind of drags the movie towards comedy even though it takes it self very serious regarding story.

Well can't really recommend this movie. Not even for hang overs, good action or silly story…

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