The Final Destination

The Final Destination

2009 | David R. Ellis

Once again a group of young people escapes death, and have to use their wits to outsmart death.

Average rating   5 out of 10

(2.08) A Nightmare on Elm Street | (2.02) Final Destination | (1.81) The Butterfly Effect 3 | (1.81) The Lovely Bones | (1.72) Lakeview Terrace

Peter Buchardt     2010-04-04 5 out of 10

So now I've seen 'em all. This one had pretty high production value but fell through on 'death kills' meaning, the whole great thing about final destination is the way people are killed slash how they die. But in this one the long logical sequences of events that leads to a death is often helped on it's way by some divine intervention, which, as far as I remember, didn't happen in the movies. In those all deaths were based on everything lining up to forge a perfect death trap.

Well any way the low score is based on what I just stated above, since I think that was/is the only thing that could keep the franchise alive. Apart from that it's a final destination movie in all senses. Very short I'd say the movies before this is way better, but kinda the same. So you should definitely watch them first, and if you like them plenty then go here, but if you have doubts about the potential of the concept after the first, second or third movie there's no reason going here =)

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