Flickan som lekte med elden

Flickan som lekte med elden

2009 | Daniel Alfredson

Trying to get to the bottom of the prostitution and women trade in Sweden a journalist and his friend gets in over their heads. And also the past seems to haunt them.

Average rating   7 out of 10

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Peter Vesti     2010-05-05 7 out of 10

Similar to the first one in style and pacing. The plot is quite good, but the ending leaves a lot to be desired. A 5 - 10 minutes more and a proper ending and I would have given this movie an 8. As it stands however, it's actually quite an anticlimax when they do the classic annoying Hollywood ending where the credits starts rolling way too early. This was pretty cool the first 3000 times someone did this, but I don't think it suits this movie at all. I guess it shows that this is a sequel and in this respect this 2nd movie isn't as good a movie as the first one.

Other than the ending it's a really cool movie though. I'll watch the last movie in the trilogy before recommending this second one though! I hope they manage to tie it all up nicely in the end!
Peter Buchardt     2010-01-24 7 out of 10

Awesome! Very good drama slash crime solving mystery. The cool thing is mostly to get to know the characters from the first movie even better. I do not think that the main plot is as good as in the first, seems to rely too much on characters past, rather that a good story in it self.

Also it does not seem as if there's being spent the same amount of time to tell the story, so some of the progression/turns/twists seems a bit rushed.

Lastly; where the first movie new where to be different from a avarege hollywood production, this one has a problem in taking on action and effect based sequences which is NOT the strong side of movie production and Northern Europe.

Still a very emotional well told story which makes a better sequel than most. Looking forward to the third movie...

- Peter

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