2009 | Bob Peterson | Pete Docter

A man fed up with life in its current state, sets out to explore the South America and be the hero he has always dreamed of.

Average rating   7 out of 10

(3.47) 101 Dalmatians | (3.11) Toy Story | (2.96) The Sword in the Stone | (2.44) Alice in Wonderland | (2.44) Robin Hood

Peter Buchardt     2009-10-03 7 out of 10

I went to see this movie in Real 3D, but got disapointed greatly, since the movie didn't really use the technology that well. All the trailers before the movie made very good use of it.

Well any way... The movie is GREAT, but has no surprises, good or bad! So you get what you expect of Disney and Pixar these days, but off cause the story is far different than previous movies in the animation genre.

I had some very good laughs and was entertained all the way. And the movie has awesome graphics. The only bad thing I can come to think of is that the ending was a bit thin, story and action wise...

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