2009 | Mark Neveldine

In the future games will feature gamers total control of other humans as their avatars. Kable is convicted but promised to be set free if he survives 30 online matches, the movie sets out on his 27th match.

Average rating   5 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2010-01-24 6 out of 10

Heh! I kind of enjoyed this movie, as my expectations were VERY low. It is what it is - brainless hardcore action. The plot is lame, the effects are overdone American-style but the soundtrack is nice.
If you are expecting another profound Matrix-experience, you will be deeply disappointed. Don't do that, just expect to see blood and gore combined with silly weapons and big explosions. Nothing more.
I would recommend this movies for a slow Sunday on the couch, when you are home alone and allowed to turn the volume up to 11.
Peter Buchardt     2009-09-21 4 out of 10

Definitely not worth going to the movies for! But still compared to other movies that has set out to tell this story of a future where games uses prisoners as pawns and the like, this movie is A-OK... I saw a reviews in Premiere on DR, where they gave it 0 of 6 because the thought it preached about violence in games, while the movie featured a lot of violence. This is not the case, at has critic on the subject, but has it's main focus on action and the horror of the concept, using prisoners as game elements.

The acting is not great, but I'd rather say that it's the script that influences this... Micheal C. Hall and Gerad Butler has definitely proven them self earlier in their career.

4 of 10 from me...

Could have gotten one extra if the audience in the cinema wasn't such pricks...

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