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10 out of 10
Average rating 10 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Director: Guy Ritchie
Main parts: Ade
William Beck
Benicio Del Toro
Dennis Farina
Adam Fogerty
Alan Ford
Lennie James
Vinnie Jones
Brad Pitt
Rade Serbedzija
Jason Statham
Stephen Graham
Production year: 2000
Genre: Comedy
IMDB link: [LINK]
Bookmaker | Boxing | Boxing Promoter | Crime | Diamonds | Gangster | Gypsy | Jason Statham | Jewler | Jews | Pitt | Russian

Plot outlinie:
Unscrupulous boxing promoters, violent bookmakers, a Russian gangster, incompetent amateur robbers, and supposedly Jewish jewelers fight to track down a priceless stolen diamond.

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Movie reviews for Snatch

2009-08-24  Niels Risgaard Hansen: 10 out of 10
Snatch might be the best movie I've ever seen!
It has got a great cast, fantastic plot, brilliant directing and a good soundtrack.
I am a huge fan of Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and Vinny Jones, and in this movie they all deliver a perfect performance. I suspect this is via the brilliant direction of Guy Richie. I never cease to be amazed buy the many accents Brad Pitt is able to adopt extremely convincingly.
The many twists of the plot produces a fantastic movie with a variety of details that makes the movie worth watching again and again. The way all the sub-plots cross over each other is very impressive.
This is definitely ONE TO WATCH!

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