Sniper: Ultimate Kill

Sniper: Ultimate Kill

2017 | Claudio Fäh

For the first time, Brandon Beckett, Richard Miller and Sgt. Thomas Beckett join forces in Colombia to take down a brutal drug cartel.

Average rating   6 out of 10

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Niels Risgaard Hansen     2023-01-15 6 out of 10

I am a massive fan of sniper movie and my review and rating might be (sure it is!) a bit biased.
This story is pretty simple and there are no real surprises in the plot. In fact, when a twist in the plot is introduced, you already know who did it and what the outcome will be.
The simplicity also stretches to the characters. The bad guys are clearly bad guys and the good guys are very clearly good guys. Except from one character (trying to avoid too many spoilers), who has very vague reasons for its actions.

Chad Michael Collins is not a super talented actor but he fits his role here portaying the silent and strong type (which is actually mentioned in the movie).
When the character played by Danay Garcia is introduced, she appeard strong minded and very confident, which is rare for female characters in these kind of movies. I found that refreshing but unftunately that only lasted until the first action sequence. After that she was the stereotypical fragile female in need of being saved by the strong male hero for the remainder of the movie. That was a shame.
Tom Berenger was hard to recognize and not only he but also his character is geeting older and softer. That was a bit strange to watch.
I was surprised in a positive way about the performance of Billy Zane. He did a good job and was very convincing as the confident coorporate boos type.

There was som decent action but not enough sniper activity to satisfy my whishes (there never is!). The introduction of the "smart bullet technology" seemed silly to me. I am no expert, but I find it hard to belive.

Being the seventh installemt in the Sniper series, this is a good way to kill time, if you have watched some of the others. There is nothing unique about the movie and it is not tied to any of the other movies. Unless you a fan of sniper movies or just love 90s action movies made in 2010s, then you could find much better alternatives to watch. I still liked it though, but the topic is also right down my alley of poor taste in movies.

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