Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

2003 | Quentin Tarantino

After awakening from a four-year coma, a former assassin wreaks vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed her.

Average rating   9 out of 10

(154.3) Kill Bill: Vol. 2 | (5.02) Kate | (3.77) Bunraku | (3.58) Saat po long | (3.58) Skin Trade

Niels Risgaard Hansen     2021-10-15 9 out of 10

The expectations for this movie were immense when it came out. The hype around Quentin Tarantino and his latest project was sky high, and we were not let down!
The guy is a great nerd within the field of making fantastic and highly intensive movies to a level that makes him among the top coolest people on earth. Let me give you an example: this movie opens up with a Klingon quote, and it is relevant to the movie!

The story is a rough tale of revenge for a very traumatic massacre that will end the life for a lot of people. It is actually pretty simple, but the way it is told and how the plot is unfolded is just brilliant. Obviously it is not your in s linear fashion, so don't worry if you get confused at first. That is the intention of the mad genius.

As this is a Tarantino movie you would expect to be showered in blood and gore every now and then, but this is truly a blood spatter galore! Fortunately this is combine with amazing stunts and martial arts coordination of the highest quality and you are left at the screen gawking at this piece of art.

Furthermore, the movie has a fantastic soundtrack, which is also classic Tarantino. Aside from well placed special edition of several songs he also put in quite a few references using theme song from various shows.

There is an anime section in the somewhat middle of the movie, which was a bit surprising to me, but fitted in perfectly.

And the end? Wow! What an intense cliffhanger! I am glad that I bought the box set so that I can pop in the DVD with Vol 2 right away.


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