Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

2020 | Patty Jenkins

Diana must contend with a work colleague and businessman, whose desire for extreme wealth sends the world down a path of destruction, after an ancient artifact that grants wishes goes missing.

Average rating   3 out of 10

(3.37) Wonder Woman | (2.05) How to Train Your Dragon 2 | (1.96) Justice League | (1.87) The Old Guard | (1.77) Eragon

Sebastian Korgaard     2022-01-27 3 out of 10

This movie is about a rich and powerful woman, who is doing well in life, but loses the love of her life. When she get a chance, she brings him back in the body of another guy, who she then rapes.

Her destiny gets intangled with, what must be the everlosing lottery winner, and whos mind i only set on his son and winning it all. The two have many fights and many random costume changes along the way. Theres also a blonde, who whishes to be number one, the apex predator, but the raping women kills her, so guess that wish didn't go through.

Theres a bunch of decent actors, who try to play their roles in what must have been a poorly written Bollywood musical. Every time a flashback scene starts with violins ... JFC!

The real hero of the movie is a guy, who gets happy, when he gets the cofee he wished for. Besudes that, you get to see the ever gorgeous Gal Gadot and the guy we all love as Prince Oberyn/Din jardin, Pedro Pascal.

This a miserable movie, sadly. Its FAAAAR too long. I wished for it to end several times. I am reminded why I prefer Marvel. 

The title seems appropriate ... we all wonder!!!
Karsten Tonnesen     2021-01-25 3 out of 10

It is amazing how much time and money Hollywood can spend on a movie, have good actors, make everything look nice, and even making it look like a different decade - but not thinking 5 minutes if the script and story makes any sense...!

Combined with long flashbacks that are boring and feels like they are there to provide content for a coming video game. Villains with no motivation or backstory, and the eventual plot twist at the end does not feel earned.

The movie can be charming and fun for some scenes, and they have gone all-in on the 84-nostalgic, but it just gets tiresome quickly.

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