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Pusher 3

7 out of 10
Average rating 7 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Pusher 3
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Main parts: Zlatko Buric
Marinela Dekic
Slavko Labovic
Ramadan Huseini
Ilyas Agac
Kujtim Loki
Vanja Bajicic
Levino Jensen
Marek Magierecki
Sven Erik Eskeland Larsen
Karsten Schrøder
Hakan Turan
Susan Petersen
Gitte Dan
Tommy Christensen
Production year: 2005
Genre: Crime
IMDB link: [LINK]
Copenhagen | Ecstasy | Family | Gang | Heroin | Murder

Plot outlinie:
Milo is a 'has-been' crime lord who struggles with rivalling gangs, drug addiction and keeping his family together. It's a bumpy road ahead.

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Movie reviews for Pusher 3

2013-09-22  Peter Buchardt: 7 out of 10
Weird to start rewieving a trilogy with the 3rd installment, but hey, else I might not get it done.

An important thing to notice is that you can easily watch the movies in this serie indeoendent of the others. Though they'll definetyly come off better if watched chronologically.

Pusher 3 sports Milo(Zlatko Buric) as the main protagonits. It's not one the movies where you get a stand-up guy as your hero, and he does most things right and end up saving the day. NO. It's kind of the contrary.

Some might think the production value to be low and even bad. But believe it's all intended and it's definetly been kept that way to give a more rough and realistic view into the under world of this 'has been' crime overhead of Copenhagen. And it works to.

I really love how the camera movements are used to symbolize how the main characther of a given seen are cobing mentally with the situation. It's not as in Irreversible where the camera movement to a greater degree are used to provoke the viewer to get closer the same skickening situation as is beeing told, and I like that fact =)

There's a few of the actors that does a bit of a poor job, but most of them does a really good job of being very believable.

Story-wise I think it might too forced. Some of the stuff that goes wrong for our protagonist seems a bit unlikely... The end is rather cheap, but it also leaves you thinking and reflecting over what could have happened and what you'd done in that situation. And I think it's rather daring of Nicolas Winding Refn to make movies(he's other stuff isn't your typical Hollywood stuff either) thats differs from that "pleasent" way most popular movies are these days.

It's definetaly worth watching. But do also watch Pusher and Pusher 3. Oh and an important to that is that the three movies all have different main parts, and follows different groupings in the underground of Copenhagen.

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